Monte Amaro (2793 m) - Abruzzo - Italy

wild, barren, rugged, lonely, beautiful - The Majella Mountains / Abruzzo / Italy

On 4 September 2010, the right time has come: After several days waiting for ideal weather the second highest mountain in the Italian Abruzzo, Monte Amaro (2793 m) in the Majella Mountains could be tackled. The ascent to Rifugio Pomilio (1892 m) by car showed that the wait was badly needed. The day before a storm had washed a lot of debris on the road. A very early start can only be recommended. Almost every afternoon clouds enclose the peaks. The orientation on the lonely trail of the gray-white landscape may be more difficult.

The lively Italian Adriatic coast around Pescara and Ortona is in sight, just about 40 kilometers away, but as soon as you have left the parking and Blockhaus (2140 m) behind, you're left almost entirely alone with these impressive mountains. Only at intervals of hours, you meet like-minded people.

The difficulty of the hiking trail I would estimate between T2 and T3. Some endurance is needed for this day tour.

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