During winter 2009/2010 I have considered back and forth whether I should invest in a photovoltaic system and when will this be worth if it is. Meanwhile, since March 2010, our system produced a lot of electricity - twice as much as we consume ourselves - and whether this is worth it eventually became completely irrelevant. Why? Because we see almost daily at first hand that the sun delivers a lot of energy in abundance and we just have to use it. We can even "waste" it without a guilty conscience, the sun delivers it for free anyway, whether we like it or not. This is of course nothing new, but only very few people are really aware of. The graphics on the page "Warum Solarstrom" shows that very impressively.

Because the sun delivers about 3,000 times more energy than we need, the full transition to renewable energies is of course possible. We have to want it only. For a mankind who has mastered the flight to the moon and the development of advanced nuclear facilities, the technical implementation is a relatively trivial task. The crucial question of distributed energy storage will be solved.


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